therapeutic endoscopy

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EUS Guided Pancreatic Necrosectomies

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Video case: EUS guided pancreatic necrosectomy. 

CRE Esophageal Balloon Dilatation - Second Session

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Esophageal stricuture secondary to caustic ingestion, second balloon dilatation session from 8 to 10 to 8 mm diameter.under fluoroscopy, another less tight stricture found .

Hot Snare EMR for Rectal Polyp

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A 10 mm rectal polyp , type 0-IIa, submucosal saline with methylen blue injction and hot snare mucosectomy. Dr Sami Boudabbous.

ERCP with Endoscopic Ampullectomy

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A 73 years old woman with acute cholangitis secondary to ampulary obstruction. ERCP with needle knife infudibulotomy, biopsy wasn't contributive. An endoscopic ampullectomy was done and 2 plastics stents...

CRE Balloon Dilatation of an Esophageal Caustic...

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Esophageal stricuture secondary to caustic ingestion, firt balloon dilatation session from 6 to 8 mm diameter. Next session will be done with à 10-12 mm after 3 weeks.

Pancreaticoduodenoctomy - part 2/3

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In this video you can see laparoscopic whipple's procedure - part 2 of 3.