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Management of Ascending Aorta Extensive Dissection...

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In this video we are going to show you how to manage valve preserving ascending aorta replacement and suspension and RCA aneurysm and CABG simultaneously.

TOUPET Type Posterior Anti Reflux Valve

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Hiatal hernia - gastroesophageal reflux. TOUPET type anti-reflux valve - laparoscopic treatment.

Anatomy of Anterior Urethral Valve

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Anterior urethral valve in a 6 yr old boy. The procedure of cystoscopy is showing the location and morphology of the valve. This is intended to to show the Pediatric Surgery trainees and help them identify...

Heart Murmurs

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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A lecture on the identification and characterization of heart murmurs. Changes for this revised version include: - Video recompiled in high definition and in wide screen format. - Narration rerecorded....

IC valve - Large Flat Lesion - EMR - Bleeding

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EMR of large flat lesions is possible, though, It is technically challenging and time consuming. Also, a large lesions are more likely to bleed after resection, therefore the procedure should be done...

IC Valve - Subtle Lesion

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Following video shows a subtle lesion, visible on an IC valve. The patient was referred for an EMR to remove the polyp.

IC Valve Scar

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Following video presents a 6 months follow-up examination of a patient after an EMR. An IC valve scar is clearly visible.

Ileocecal Valve - Polyp - Failed Resection

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This video shows a large polyp involving the entire ileocecal valve and could not identify the orifice. Resection was deferred because of inability to cut it completely.

Colonoscopy - IC Valve EMR - Hot Biopsy Avulsion...

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The video presented above details a case of a middle aged man, who underwent an IC (Ileocecal) valve EMR, with hot biopsy avulsion, APC (argon plasma coagulation) and clip closure. The patient's past...

3D Medical Animation - Deployment of Artificial...

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This 3D medical animation illustrates the process of deploying an artificial heart valve using an angiographic catheter. For more information and 3D medical animations visit us at

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