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Stentless Aortic Valve Replacement

Erik Beyer

Dr. Erik Beyer performs an aortic root replacement with a porcine aortic valve and root. The patient had a stenotic bicuspid aortic valve with a dilated aortic root.

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Cormatrix Patch Aortic Root Enlargement

Erik Beyer

Dr. Erik Beyer performs an aortic root enlargement with CorMatrix and an aortic valve replacement with a bioprosthetic valve. CorMatrix is a naturally occurring extracellular matrix biomaterial that supports...

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Open Heart Valve Surgery Mini Aortic Valve...

Erik Beyer

Surgeon performs minimal access aortic valve surgery. The patient has severe aortic stenosis and a bicuspid aortic valve that is replaced with a pig valve. Video by Erik Beyer James.

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Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement

This video shows minimally invasive aortic valve replacement. Video by Tristan D. Yan

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Gasparyan Method of Total Autologous Aortic...

Vahe Gasparyan

I have developed the method of intra-operative tailoring of the pericardial patch for the total reconstruction of aortic valve. This method is based on the morphometry performed on cadavers hearts. I...

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Mini-Sternotomy for Ascending Aortic Aneurysm...

Cleveland Clinic

The following video details a treatment of 27 year old male admitted to the hospital because of occasional palpitations and fatigue. Patient was diagnosed with insufficient bicuspid aortic valve and a...

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The Technique of Aortic Root Replacement...

Arie Blitz

Endocarditis is an inflammation of the inner layer of the heart, the endocardium, which usually involves the heart valves. Other structures, including the interventricular septum, the chordae tendineae,...

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Aortic Valve Replacement With A Tissue Valve...

Department of Surgery - University of Southern California

Two main reasons for aortic valve replacement are aortic valve stenosis and aortic valve regurgitation. During this procedure damaged valve is replaced with artificial one - mechanical or biological....

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Mitral And Aortic Stenosis In Echo Examination

USG Videos

The following material shows a significant calcification of mitral's posterior leaflet (all the segments with hypomobility) and of the aortic's cusps that causes a mitro - aortic stenosis.

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Bicuspid Aorta View In Doppler Echocardiography...

USG Videos

The following material presents a bicuspid aorta in ECHO.

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Aortic Insufficiency

Ultrasound images

This video shows aortic insufficiency.

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Aortic Endocarditis

Ultrasound images

The video presents aortic endocarditis in the ultrasound image.

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Chronic Kidney Disease as a Main Reason...

echo cardiographie

Video presents echocardiography of calcificated aorto-mitral valve. Disease has been caused by chronic kidney disease.

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Awake Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR) - Thoracic...


This patient is undergoing Aortic Valve Replacement under TEA (Thoracic epidural Anaesthesia). We have done almost 560 cardiac cases under thoracic epidural anaesthesia which included all sort of cases,...

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Severe Aortic Valve Regurgitation

echo cardiographie

Aortic valve regurgitation — or aortic regurgitation — is a condition that occurs when the heart's aortic valve doesn't close tightly. Aortic valve regurgitation allows some of the blood that was just...

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Severe Aortic Valve Regurgitation In Rheumatic...

echo cardiographie

In this video you can see severe aortic valve regurgitation in rheumatic disease.

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Tavi - Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

echo cardiographie

This video presents tavi - transcatheter aortic valve implantation.

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Acute Aortic Regurgitation

echo cardiographie

In this video you can see acute aortic regurgitation.

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Aortic Valve Post Inflation

echo cardiographie

Author presents aortic valve post inflation .

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Aortic Valve Post Inflation

echo cardiographie

In this video you can see aortic valve post inflation .

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Mitral Stenosis

echo cardiographie

This video shows mitral stenosis. Mitral stenosis is a valvular heart disease characterised by obstruction to left ventricular inflow at the level of mitral valve due to structural abnormality of the...

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Biscupid Aortic Valve

echo cardiographie

This video shows biscupid aortic valve.

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Biscupid Aortic Valve

echo cardiographie

A bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) is a defect of the aortic valve that results in the formation of two leaflets or cusps instead of the normal three.

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