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Radical Hysterectomy Resection of Vesico-Uterine...

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Detailed surgical technique of resection of vesico-uterine ligament (anterior parametria) is shown.

Concha Bullosa Resection

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The video demonstrates the resection of a large concha bullosa, which is an anatomic anomaly, in which an air cell is found in the bony part of medial nasal concha.

Colonoscopy: Cecum - LST-NG - EMR

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Cecum - LST-NG Injection: 11 ml saline + Methylene Blue Snare: 15 mm hot snare ENDO CUT-Q 3-1-3 APC: 35 WATTS, 0.8 LTS FLOW CLIP CLOSURE

Colonoscopy: Ascending Colon EMR

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The video shows ascending colon EMR.

Endoscopic Resection of Colorectal Neoplasia:...

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Presented by Sergey V. Kantsevoy at the "The New Face of Colorectal Cancer: What Every Surgeon and Endoscopist Should Know" session during the SAGES 2019 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD on Saturday,...

Colonoscopy: Cecum - SSA Tethered From Biopsy...

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During initial endoscopy the referring endoscopist identified subtle abnormality - slightly thickened fold and took biopsies which turned out to be SSA. Scarring from biopsies made resection technically...

Thoracoscopic Resection of Post TEF Stricture...

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This is a video and description of 2 cases of post EA-TEF esophageal stricture which were repaired thoracoscopically. This video was presented at IPEG-BAPS meeting 2017 London.

Colonoscopy: Transverse Colon - Giant Polyp Resection

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When I reviewed the photos of the colonoscopy report, I thought that the polyp was not big and could cut easily. When I did the case, I realized how much was hiding behind the bend. The colon was very...

Sigmoid - Key Steps

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The video describes key steps in a sigmoid resection. Presented by Daniel A. Popowich at the "Masters Left Colon: Practicalities, Tips and Tricks You Can't Find in Textbooks" session during...

Colonoscopy: Ascending Colon 25 mm Polyp EMR...

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The video shows ascending colon 25 mm polyp EMR. The submucosal injection facilitates a safe and easy resection.

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