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Endoscopic Indicators of Esophageal Achalasia

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Video case: endoscopic findings for Achalasia of the Esophagus as follows: (1) esophageal dilatation, (2) abnormal retention of liquid and/or food, (3) whitish change of the mucosal surface, (4) functional...

Partial Urethrectomy, Female Urethroplasty, Rare...

Omar Hnaidi

Specialty:  Urology
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Urology video case (rare): 61 years old, lady, medically free presented with distal urethral mass 2.5 cm, biopsy was taken before 2 months (adenocarcinoma), cystoscopy showed only distal 2.5 cm of left...

Endoscopic Ultrasound of Gastric Varices

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Video case: a patient with a mass at the gastric fundus covered with normal mucosa was referred for an endoscopic ultrasound, large gastric varices could be detected.

Colonoscopy: Ascending Colon EMR

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The video shows ascending colon EMR.

Diversion Colitis

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Abstract: Diversion colitis (DC) involves nonspecific colonic inflammation following surgical diversion of the fecal stream away from the upstream colon. Although most patients are asymptomatic, endoscopic...

Upper Gastrointestinal Histology

Akram Jaffar

Specialty:  Anatomy
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The video presents upper gastrointestinal histology. After watching this video you will be able to identify, locate and describe the histological features of upper gastrointestinal organs. Video by...

Lip Repositioning for Gummy Smile Correction

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Video by Dr Umberto D Ramos Correction of gingival smile through the labial repositioning technique. The technique is performed to limit the retraction of elevator muscles (e.g., zygomaticus minor, orbicularis...

Inflammatory Polyposis in Colonoscopy

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This video presents a case of inflammatory polyposis in a colonoscopic view. See the inflammed mucosa.

EMR of Large Flat Lesion in Cecum

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Video presents a case of elderly patient, who is a head and neck cancer survivor. Resection of a sigmoid colon pedunculated polyp revealed adenocarcinoma that was less than 1000 micrometer from the resection...

Thickened Folds - A Sign of Submucosal Invasion

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Video presents an example of a sign of submucosal invasion - thickened folds.

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