tooth restoration

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Classic Restoration Of Decayed Tooth By Root...

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This video shows the restoration of the lower first molar tooth which is having the severe decay or caries and needs to be treated without extraction. This type of tooth can be easily saved by the root...

Restoration of A Fractured Tooth With Silver...

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This video presents a clinical case of a restoration of a fractured tooth.

Restoration Of Tooth Caries - Before And After

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This video shows the restoration of the natural lower first molar tooth having the severe tooth cavity or caries. This decayed tooth is restored by the process of root canal treatment and the zirconia...

Re-Restoration of Tooth with a Broken Side and...

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 In this video i have shown the replacement of the old glass filling in a root canal treated tooth with the newer composite restorative material which are much better in every aspect than the old restorative...

Restoration Of Massive Tooth Decay | Root Canal...

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This is the Demonstration video done on the study model in which i have shown the restoration of lower second molar tooth which is destroyed by the severe tooth caries. This tooth is treated by the procedure...

HOW TO Treat Severe Occlusal Decay on Tooth...

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In this video Dr. Chi shows how he treats occlusal decay on tooth #31 for a composite, a nanohybrid material with the ideal combination of esthetics and strength. TIMESTAMPS0:00 - Intro 0:07 - Severe...

Restoring the Posterior Tooth

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When his patient’s tooth #4 had a failing amalgam and recurrent decay, Dr. Chi jumped in and restored the tooth.

Stainless Steel Crown Technique for a Primary...

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Film prepared by Dundee Dental School. It presents a stainless steel crown technique for primary molar tooth.

Class V Composite Preparation & Restoration

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In this video, we look at preparation, contouring, finishing, and polishing a Class V composite restoration as well as retraction cord placement. Full credit and rights of ownership for this video go...

Amalgam Core Tip - Restoration Through Provisional...

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Second part of the video in which you can see how to make provisional restoration with an amalgam.

Amalgam Core Tip - Restoration Through Provisional

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Dr. Big Daddy had a great tip that he shared with us. I"m not sure where he scored this tip from, however, it's a really need way to restore a tooth with an amalgam foundation restoration - without...

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