Restoration Of Massive Tooth Decay | Root Canal And Crown Process

7 months ago

Case description

This is the Demonstration video done on the study model in which i have shown the restoration of lower second molar tooth which is destroyed by the severe tooth caries. This tooth is treated by the procedure of root canal treatment followed by the post and core and finally the zirconia crown placement. This video is made for the patients education purpose so that they should be aware that even the tooth with this much of damage can be saved in the advanced dentistry and they can avoid tooth extractions most of the time.

Contents in this video. 00:00 Introduction. 00:14 Taking Pre-Operative Radiograph. 00:20 Injecting Local Anaesthesia. 00:30 Removing Soft Tooth Decay.:38 Removing Tooth Decay by Air Rotor. 01:36 Tooth Isolation By Rubber Dam. 01:41 Locating Root Canal Orifices. 01:48 Enlarging Root Canal Orifices. 01:59 Disinfecting Root Canals. 02:11 Measuring The Length Of All The Root Canals Using Electronic Apex Locater. 02:45 Shaping All The Root Canals To Full Working Length (Bio Mechanical Preparation). 03:28 Cleaning Root Canals Using UltraSonics. 03:41 Drying Root Canals. 03:49 Additional Drying Of Canals By Paper Absorbants. 04:00 Filling All The Root Canals With Gutta Percha Coated With The Sealer Cement (Obturation). 04:45 Applying Bonding Agent.04:56 Cementation Of Fiber Post With Resin. 05:27 Placing Matrix Band To build The Missing Wall Using Flowable Composite.05:48 Incremental Core Build Up With Composite. 06:23 Tooth Preparation For Zirconia Crown. 07:38 Taking Silicone Impression. 07:52 Customised Zirconia Crown Made From The Dental Laboratory. 08:00 Cementation Of Crown Using Resin Cement. 08:19 Before/After. The blue light used at the various stages is the curing light used to set the adhesives and composite resin. The placement of matrix band at 05:27 needs to be placed on the opposite side in the actual mouth and the reason for not placing it on that side in the video is only for better visibility for filming. 

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