Re-Restoration of Tooth with a Broken Side and a Cracked Old Filling | Composite Restoration

4 months ago

Case description

 In this video i have shown the replacement of the old glass filling in a root canal treated tooth with the newer composite restorative material which are much better in every aspect than the old restorative materials. This video i have made for the educational purposes so that you will understand how these composite restorations are done.

Chapters in this video. 00:00 Introduction 00:18 Removal of old faulty restoration 01:10 Shaping the margins of tooth 01:27 Removing the surface stains 01:44 Obturated pulp canals 01:48 Etching the tooth surface 02:01 Applying the bond agent 02:13 Sealing the pulp chamber with the flowable composite 02:36 Applying matrix band to restore broken wall 02:51 Building the broken wall with composites 03:20 Removing the matrix band system 03:34 Dentin restoration 06:09 Enamel restoration 06:21 Finishing the restoration 06:26 Polishing the restoration 06:39 Before and After Hope you enjoyed the video. 

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