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Searching for Mickel's Diverticulitis

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Surgical video: in the case of acute abdomen diagnosed most probably as acute appendicitis, when the appendix is not so inflamed that another pathology is suspected, please search for Mickle's diverticulitis....

Usage of Instruments From A to Z for Aortic Arch...

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Aortic arch surgery is a complex procedure involving the repair or replacement of the aortic arch, a crucial segment of the main artery that carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the...

Bascom Cleft Lift Video - Pilonidal Surgery (Long)

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This Pilonidal surgery video is provided by Dr.'s John and Tom Bascom to teach other surgeons their technique for resolving hard to heal/cure cases of Pilonidal Disease. For more detail, please visit...

Tips and Tricks in Performing Surgery on a Large...

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This is a webinar that I did for the 3rd APGET webinar series. My topic was "Tips and tricks in performing laparoscopy on a large uterus".

Laparoscopic Mishra's Knot

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This video demonstrate how to tie extracorporeal Mishra's knot. Nowadays, laparoscopy has become an indispensable component of surgical training across the globe. Many complicated procedures are quite...

One Day with Iris Plastic Surgery. Posttraumatic,...

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Four cases who needed iris plastic surgery. Three of them were made in combination with other surgical techniques.

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