Adam Cywiński

Adam Cywiński

MD, PhD.
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Adam Cywinski, MD, born in 1967, speciality: ophthalmology. Position: Consultant, surgeon director of medical centre (Silesian Eye Treatment Centre) in city Zory, Poland. Interest: surgical retina, correction of eye defects after cataract removal, plastic surgery of the eye post traumam or congenital defects.

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Plastic of Large Pupil

views: 5619 comments: 3

A technique of decrease a size of large pupil usuning continuous suture, applying on the margin fot the iris. Video by Adam Cywiński, MD

An Artificial Iris Implantation in Both Eyes

views: 4755 comments: 0

This video shows removal of partial aniridia implants from one eye with consecutive implantation of artificial iris. In second part You will see combined cataract removal with monofocal lens implantation...

Aniridia Partial Iris Implantation with Cataract...

views: 4109 comments: 4

More than 40 yrs old female with congenital aniridia, cataract, high myopia and nystagmus was qualified to above surgery of one eye with good effect of vision improvement to far and near distances. VA...

Intrascleral Fixation of Carlevale Combined with...

views: 3782 comments: 0

Combined surgery of intrascleral fixation of artificial lens, sutureless, model Carlevale by Soleko and decrease od the pupil size in posttraumatic eye.

One Day with Iris Plastic Surgery. Posttraumatic,...

views: 3678 comments: 0

Four cases who needed iris plastic surgery. Three of them were made in combination with other surgical techniques.

Silicon Oil Removal via Anterior Chamber in Combination...

views: 3612 comments: 0

Modification of the procedure for removing oil from the vitreous cavity. Before the procedure of introducing the artificial lens into the bag, posterior capsulorexia is performed, through which the silicone...

Combined Surgery of Replacing IOL and Introducing...

views: 3506 comments: 1

48 y.o. male was qualified to combined surgery of replacing of IOL because of the presence of -7,0D eye defect and to implantation of partial aniridia ring in postraumatic eye. Video by Adam Cywiński.

Posttraumatic Iris Plastic Surgery Without Need...

views: 3056 comments: 0

Another case of eye trauma with consecutive iridodialysis and damage of iris sphincter. During two step surgery, cataract removal and iris plastic surgery will be made. An important information is that...

Replacing of Two Calcificated Lenses, 5 yrs After...

views: 2682 comments: 0

Is it possible to remove lens from the eye, 5 years after its implantation? Yes it is. In this case lenses were removed from both eyes of the patient because of tis calcification. One lens was implanted...

An Artificial Calcificated Lens Removal, Without...

views: 2518 comments: 0

This movie contains a record of removal two artificial calcificated lenses, which were do five years after its implantation. In both cases secondary implanted lenses were placed also, into capsular bag,...

Secondary Lens Implantation with Additional Retinal...

views: 2517 comments: 0

Video case: secondary lens implantation in both eyes. In one eye this procedure was combined with retinal attachment. A message to take: don't ever make implantation of artificial lens if remnants of...

Combined Ahmed Valve Implantation and Closing...

views: 2302 comments: 0

Is it possible to combine such different procedures like Ahmed valve implantation and macula surgery with gas endotamponade? Yes it is. An innovative combination of above procedures, may be first made...

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