Corza TachoSil Quill

Corza TachoSil Quill

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247 Station Drive Suite NE1
02090 Westwood, MA
United States
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Corza Medical is a new medical device and biosurgery company with decades of experience delivering innovative products to the global surgical community. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, high quality products and outstanding value.


We have an expanding platform of industry-leading brands that include Quill® barbed sutures, Sharpoint® and Look™ surgical sutures, Katena® ophthalmic instruments and devices, Sharpoint® ophthalmic knives, TachoSil® sealant matrix, as well as Pearsalls and FSSB OEM solutions. COR-800 R1 12/21. Our promise is to deliver

Remarkable Service

A seamless, personal experience designed around customers.

Trusted Performance

Our products are the result of years of experience championing surgeons and listening to their expertise.

Outstanding Value

No matter the specialty, we deliver quality products for all markets.

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