rectal cancer

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Extralevator Abdominoperineal Excision (ELAPE)...

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In this video Dr Vipin Goel demonstrate Extralevator Abdominoperineal resection in a Patient with advance low Rectal cancer. ELAPE involves total mesorectal excision up to Levator ani muscle. The abdomen...

Laparoscopic Anterior Resection

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Video case of laparoscopic anterior resection for upper third rectal cancer cT4aN0M0. 

Minimally Invasive Management of iliac Vein injury...

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Surgical video case: the internal iliac vein injury occurred during laparoscopic TME for locally advanced rectal cancer. Sponge compression and increase of pneumoperitoneum pressure were performed before...

Laparoscopic Anterior Resection with un Block...

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Surgical video case: T 4 Rectosigmoid Cancer (urinary bladder invasion).

Laparoscopic StomaLess TME, Two-Stage Turnbull-Cutait...

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Video case: minimally invasive TME for supraanal rectal cancer reconstruction with delayed pull-through coloanal anastomosis and transanal specimen extraction.

LAR for Huge Rectal Cancer

Hung Do

Specialty:  General Surgery
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This video presents a female patient with huge rectal cancer that underwent LAR.

Colon and Rectal Cancer - Treatment Update

Specialty:  Clinical Oncology
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Video with information about treatment of colon and rectal cancer. It involves surgical resection (open and laparoscopic) : hemicolectomy, transverse colectomy, segmental colectomy, sigmoid resection...

Low Rectal Cancer

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Video case: LPS total mesorectal excision and nerve sparing.

Recurrent Rectal Cancer - Laparoscopic Completion...

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55-year-old male patient (BMI 22.4) with recurrent rectal cancer. He underwent open rectal resection and postoperative radiotherapy in June 2019 in another hospital. MRI and endoscopy confirmed recurrence...

Laparoscopic TME, Partial Intersphincteric Resection...

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Minimally invasive TME and transanal specimen extraction for the supraanal rectal cancer non cut, x2 speed video.

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