rectal cancer

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Laparoscopic Anterior Resection

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Video case of laparoscopic anterior resection for rectal cancer T1 N1 M0.

Laparoscopic Low Anterior Rectal Resection with...

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Patient with a locally advanced rectal neoplasm, submitted to neoadjuvant therapy, followed by surgery. In the surgery, a leak was identified and repaired.

Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection for Rectal...

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Video presentation of laparoscopic low anterior resection for rectal cancer.

Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection in Female...

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Laparoscopic low anterior resection in female patient, protective ileostomy, RTG therapy, low rectal cancer.

Colonoscopy: EMR of a Rectal Cancer in an Adenoma

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A case of a middle aged patient with multiple colon cancers in the past, diagnosed with rectosigmoid polyp - notice the flat area suspicious for cancer (previous biopsies were benign). The lesion was...

Transanal TME - Changing The Landscape Of Rectal...

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This video shows lecture about transanal total mesorectal excision which was presented at SAGES 2016 by Antonio M. Lacy, MD as part of the Getting Behind Advances in Colorectal Surgery Postgraduate Course.

Robotic Transanal Surgery

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Robotic transanal surgery - local excision for a rectal tumor. Video by Sam Atallah, MD, Eduardo Parra-Davila, MD,Teresa deBeche-Adams, MD, Matthew Albert, MD, Sergio Larach, MD.

Laparoscopic Total Mesorectal Excision For Rectal...

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Laparoscopic total mesorectal excision -TME for rectal cancer Video by Eric Rullier, M.D.

Laparoscopic TME

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Presentation about " How can we make laparoscopic TME better?" Presented by Roger Motson, MD .

Methods Of Reconstruction After TME

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Presentation about methods of reconstruction after TME. Video by Feza Remzi, MD .

Functional And Oncologic Results After Intersphincteric...

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Presentation about functional and oncologic results after intersphincteric proctectomy Presented by John H. Marks, MD.

Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection and Hysterectomy

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This video presents a female patient suffering from rectal cacer, upon exploration it was evident that the lesion is invading the uterine cervix, so we performed unblock resection of the uterus with the...

Robotic Colo-Anal Pullthrough Procedure - Difficult...

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This procedure descibes a robotic colo-anal pullthrough procedure to a low rectal cancer in a difficult male pelvis. The patient is a 62 year-old male with a uT3, NI rectal cancer located 3 cm above the...

Robotic Abdominoperineal Resection with Intraabdominal...

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This video demostrates robotic abdominoperineal resection with intraabdominal levator transection. The patient has a low rectal cancer with levator. She is 59 year-old. Her BMI is 39.1.

Robotic Abdominoperineal Resection with Distal...

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This video presents a robotic abdominoperineal resection with distal sacrectomy in a male with a locally advanced rectal cancer. The patient has a very bulky lesion that is fixed to the coccyx and distal...

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