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Madany Triangle; a New Era of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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Madany triangle is a new era of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It is fully prescribed in our publications in the International Journal of Surgery Open. In the following link: https://journals.lww. com/ijsopen/fulltext/2024/04000/madany_triangle__a_new_era_of_laparoscopic.12.aspx

eCut Insert in Bipolar Coagulation Forceps

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The use of an eCut insert in bipolar coagulation forceps in laparoscopic appendectomy will minimize your need for the use of a scissor every now and then to divide the coagulated segment of the mesoappendix....

Porta Hepatis LN Biopsy

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If you find a sizable porta hepatis LN like this on doing lap chole. Will you remove it for histopathologic examination?

Fused Liver Lobes May Add Difficulty to Lap Chole...

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Surgical video case: is it common to encounter fused liver lobes during Lap Chole? Fused liver lobes may add difficulty to lap chole as it interferes with the smooth retraction of the GB fundus.

Madany Closure

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Madany Closure is a novel technique for port site closure without a fascial closure device. The technique is described in the following link https://journals.lww. com/ejos/fulltext/2024/43010/madany_closure__a_novel_technique_for_fascial.17.aspx

Diathermy May Burn at a Site Where Your Grasper...

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Diathermy may burn at a site where your grasper is applied to tissues. Please take care. I want to ask about the situations you experienced where the burn of the diathermy had occurred other than this...

Are These Roots of Nonrecurrent Recurrent Laryngeal...

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Surgical video case: on doing total thyroidectomy, hypoparathyroidism, and injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve are dangerous complications. Preservation of the blood supply intact to the parathyroid...

Stone in Cystic Duct Diverticulum in 7 yrs Old...

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Surgical video case: cystic duct stones are commonly encountered nowadays by me. This 7 yrs old boy with gallstones had a cystic duct stone inside a diverticulum. It is better to put your clip or ligature...

Disconnection Of The Sac Difficult Part Is The...

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Surgical video case: disconnection of the medial part of the sac in congenital hernia is the most difficult part. What’s your opinion?

Cardiac Pulsation Left Subphrenic Adhesions Spleen...

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Is it a normal variant of cardiac pulsations? Is there a cardiomegaly? Does the diaphragm look thin? These subphrenic adhesions on the left side are encountered in a virgin abdomen, and are sometimes...