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Video Intubation

TSC Life

Specialty:  Anesthesiology
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This training video shows the technique of awake intubation with a bronchoscope. Intubation and difficult airway management using a single use bronchoscope. The Broncoflex Agile is compatible with...

Broncoflex Single-Use Bronchoscope

TSC Life

Specialty:  Pulmonology
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The Broncoflex is a single use flexible video bronchoscope manufactured by The Surgical Company. It's produced and assembled in our manufacturing facility in Tours, France.Broncoflex Agile and Vortex,...

Pediatric Endotracheal Intubation

Specialty:  Pediatrics
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In this video there are discussed all the relevant information needed to successfully perform pediatric orotracheal intubation. There is a review of the indications and contraindications for performing...

Inadvertent Intubation of Airway Around Endo...

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This video shows inadverteint intubation of the trachea with an endoscope around an endotrachial tube. Eric M Pauli, MD, Jeff Marks, MD

Incorrect and Corrected Endotrachial Intubation.

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This video shows the endoscopic view of an incorrectly intubated patient. The baloon on the endotrachial tube is initially seen inflated above the vocal cords. This was corrected, and the second portion...

Intubation Granuloma

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35 years old male patient with hoarseness of voice sine he had a surgery under GA

Ileocecal Valve Intubation

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The following video shows the atempt of intubation of retroflexed ileocecal valve.

IGB Extraction - Intubation

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The Extraction of the Globe must be carried out in the operation room with Endotracheal intubation under general anesthesia.

Endoscopic Balloon Removal (1 of 9)

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The balloon is safely removed under exact endoscopic control after 6 months, we advise to be removed no more than 7 months due to a fact that the material that has been manufactured lost consistency...

Intubation Granuloma involving the right arytenoid...

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Unpredictable situations, reactions or events may cause complications during endotracheal intubation. Laryngeal spasm, post-intubation oedema, vocal process granuloma, posterior glottic scar, arytenoid...

Cricotracheal Stenosis

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Stenosis of the cricotracheal segment of the airway is presented as a complication of prolonged intubation. Examination by rigid 70 degree laryngoscope discovered an estimated 60% luminal stenosis with...

Dumon Stent In Trachea - Postintubation Stenosis

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In this video you can see dumon stent in trachea - postintubation stenosis.

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