Broncoflex Single-Use Bronchoscope

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5 months ago

Case description

The Broncoflex is a single use flexible video bronchoscope manufactured by The Surgical Company. It's produced and assembled in our manufacturing facility in Tours, France.Broncoflex Agile and Vortex, two sizes that cover a broad of flexible bronchoscopy indications. 

Broncoflex has been designed to feel like a reusable, while providing all the benefits of a single-use scope that optimises workflow and enhances efficiencies. The Broncoflex Vortex offers a differentiating external diameter to working channel diameter ratio of 5.6mm to 2.8mm, delivering a best in class combination of suction and ventilation.The Broncoflex Agile makes it easier to guide endotracheal tubes with its rigid braided Pebax® insertion tube, offering a flexible deflection mechanism for better bronchial exploration, as well as efficient suction due to its unique distal tip.

Broncoflex Vortex and Agile have the lowest carbon footprint in their class, their light weight reduces hazardous waste and shipping/packaging requirements.

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