endoscopic sinus surgery

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Complete Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Sphenoid...

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This is a demonstration of a complete endoscopic sinus surgery for treating localized chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) on the sphenoid sinus and posterior ethmoid.  

Complete Endoscopic Sinus Surgery - Systematic...

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This is a demonstration of a complete endoscopic sinus surgery using the vertical lamellas concept, swing door technique and intact bulla technique to the frontal recess. 

Endoscopic Complete Sinus Surgery for Chronic...

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This is a demonstration of a front to back approach to the paranasal sinuses using the vertical lamellas concept. After taking some polyps and preparing the sinus cavity, the very first step in ESS is...

Complete Left Endoscopic Sinus Surgery 3 - Almost...

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Ent video case: complete left endoscopic sinus surgery 3 - almost unedited.

On The Origin of the Application of the Arthoscopic...

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This short promotional (historical) video explains how the arthoscopic shaver can to be used in ensocopic sinus surgery. 

Endoscopic Removal of Infratemporal Fossa Cavernous...

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The procedure was performed using inferior nasal antrostomy. Mucoperiosteum flap from the posterior wall of the maxillary sinus was elevated, the posterior bony wall of the sinus was removed exposing...

Routine FESS

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A routine and easy case of endoscopic sinus surgery, explained step by step

Endoscopic DCR

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I present you a video case of endoscopic DCR.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Specialty:  Otorhinolaryngology
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This is an example of how traditional sinus surgery is done.

Sphenoid Mucocele

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The video presents a case of sphenoid mucocele with diminishing vision and its endoscopical treatment.

Sphenochoanal Polyp

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Video presents endoscopic removal of a sphenochoanal polyp.

Infraorbital Nerve Schwannoma

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Video presents a case of left infraorbital nerve schwannoma operated endoscopically.

Bleeding from Infraorbital Artery

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In this video you can see management of bleeding from infraorbital artery after modified endoscopic Denker surgery performed to remove inverted papilloma,

Giant Osteoma of Ethmoid, Maxilla and Sphenoid...

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A very rare case of giant osteoma of all the sinuses is presented. An endoscopic removal was performed.

Under Water FESS

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Video presents hydrodissection in endoscopic treatment for mycetoma filling right maxillary sinus. The use of warm saline helps to reduce intraoperative bleeding.

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