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Grossly Depressed Nose - Technique for Correction...

views: 1999 comments: 1

Video case: augmentation rhinoplasty in a 16 year old boy using concha cartilage graft. 

New Technique for Endoscopic Adenoidectomy by...

views: 2464 comments: 8

New technique for endoscopic adenoidectomy by microdebrider using 70 degree endoscope trans oral and microdebrider introduced trans nasal. Very simple, safe and rapid technique with minimal limitations....

Left Maxillary Sinus Fungal Ball

views: 1461 comments: 0

Endoscopic fungal ball removal through natural ostium antrostomy and additional approach under inferior turbinate.

Haemostasis of Post-Tonsillectomy Bleeding

views: 4983 comments: 5

In this video, haemostasis of bleeding post-tonsillectomy bed blood vessel using bipolar diathermy was achieved. This secondary haemorrhage can be life-threatening and need immediate attention. An antibiotic...

Laryngeal Microsurgery Removal of Left Vocal...

views: 3022 comments: 2

Video case: laryngeal microsurgery, lateral micro flap for surgical removal of left vocal cord cist.

Hump Reduction Technique for beginners in Rhinoplasty...

views: 2200 comments: 1

Hump reduction technique explained step by step - should be helpful to neo-rhinoplasty surgeons.

Binders Syndrome Nose Deformity

views: 4606 comments: 0

The flat nose with under projected tip, short columella and dish shaped face is a challenging situation in Rhinoplasty, our technique of Rhinoplasty in Binder syndrome.

Correction of Under Projected Nasal Tip

views: 3358 comments: 1

Video case: our technique of improving a under projected nasal tip has been presented.

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