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Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Polyps - Fullhouse...

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Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Polyps - Fullhouse FESS. By Xavier Gonzalez-Compta MD, PhD at VII Hands on FESS course EENS Barcelona 2017.  

On The Origin of the Application of the Arthoscopic...

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This short promotional (historical) video explains how the arthoscopic shaver can to be used in ensocopic sinus surgery. 

Left Maxillary Sinus Fungal Ball

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Endoscopic fungal ball removal through natural ostium antrostomy and additional approach under inferior turbinate.

Antrochoanal Polyp

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Right-side antrochoanal polyp. After cutting/tearing of the choanal portion of polyp the uncinectomy was performed and maxillary cyst was completely removed. Polyp was pushed to oropharynx because of...

FESS Intro for Surgeons

views: 5986 comments: 1

A video I made to introduce my residents to my approach to sinus surgery.

Routine FESS

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A routine and easy case of endoscopic sinus surgery, explained step by step

Simplified DCR

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Using an optic to locate lacrimal sac makes the DCR much easier. A useful technique for the beginner surgeon.

Nasal Anatomy

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Nasal anatomy: you can see: the septum and inferior turbinate, middle turbinate and middle meatus, superior and supreme turbinates, sphenoid sinus ostini un and cavity.

Endoscopic DCR

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I present you a video case of endoscopic DCR.

FESS Left Routine Case

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A video depicting typical sinus surgery, on a patient's left side, including the ethmoids, maxillary, sphenoid, frontal. Video by Steven Houser.

FESS with bilateral recurrent sinusitis and CT...

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A 45 years old female patient with bilateral recurrent sinusitis and CT sinus opacity. She underwent bilateral FESS.

Septoplasty - Endoscopy

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The video displays an instructed demonstration of endoscopic septoplasty.

Gastric Polyp (3 of 7)

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More images and video clips of magnifying endoscopy.

FESS - Method Description - Updated

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The video shows a detailed description of a right-sided Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS).Some additional footage of educational significance was added.

FESS - Method Description

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The video shows a detailed description of a right-sided Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS).

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