Royal Pearl Hospital

Royal Pearl Hospital

Street address
C-12, 3rd Cross East
Trichy - 620 018 Thillainagar
Founded at
Royal Pearl Hospital is a 50-bed ENT hospital in Trichy, TamilNadu, India. The hospital is catering to all levels of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) care.It deals with: Otology, Rhinology, Laryngology, Head & neck cancer surgery, Facial plastic surgery, Laser surgeries for ear, nose & throat, Snoring & sleep apnea, Vertigo clinic, Head ache clinic, Deafness clinic, Audiometry, Tympanometry Royal Pearl hospital is equipped with the state of art instruments including the latest HD CAMERA; Video LARYNGOSCOPY, HITECH ND YAG LASER & a full fledged set up for cochlear implantation. The hospital also houses the Trichy ENT Research Center and is considered one of the best ENT hospital & research center in India.

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Inferior Turbinoplasty

views: 17389 comments: 0

The video describes a new technique of performing an inferior turbinoplasty.

Inverted Papilloma

views: 13801 comments: 1

Video presents endoscopic removal of inverted papilloma of the right frontal recess and repair of CSF leakage.

Giant Osteoma of Ethmoid, Maxilla and Sphenoid...

views: 11301 comments: 0

A very rare case of giant osteoma of all the sinuses is presented. An endoscopic removal was performed.

Hadad Flap and Reverse Hadad Flap

views: 8848 comments: 0

The video is a step by step guide to harvesting Hadad flap and reverse Hadad flap. The Hadad flap is used for reconstruction in skull base surgery. Its pedicle is the posterior septal artery. The second...

Sphenoid Mucocele

views: 8778 comments: 0

The video presents a case of sphenoid mucocele with diminishing vision and its endoscopical treatment.


views: 7367 comments: 0

Video presents a patient with a severe nosebleed despite nasal packing. Intranasal endoscopic clipping of sphenopalatine arteries was performed.

CSF Rhinorrhoea

views: 6403 comments: 0

The video presents a difficult case of CSF leak and its endonasal endoscopic closure with the use of bilateral Hadad flaps.

Bleeding from Infraorbital Artery

views: 6310 comments: 1

In this video you can see management of bleeding from infraorbital artery after modified endoscopic Denker surgery performed to remove inverted papilloma,

Dissection Of Pterygopalatine Fossa

views: 6182 comments: 2

Film is a presentation of the dissection of pterygopalatine fossa with the special reference to the arterial plexus. An author of this material is Dr Palak Parekh.

Infraorbital Nerve Schwannoma

views: 5991 comments: 0

Video presents a case of left infraorbital nerve schwannoma operated endoscopically.

Foreign Body in the Ear

views: 5343 comments: 0

Video presents removal of a foreign body from a child's ear.

Adenocarcinoma of Ethmoids

views: 5273 comments: 0

Video presents endoscopic removal of adenocarcinoma of ethmoids. This radioresistant tumor was attached to the skull base on both sides and radically excised along with the cribriform plate.

Sphenochoanal Polyp

views: 4322 comments: 0

Video presents endoscopic removal of a sphenochoanal polyp.

Under Water FESS

views: 4197 comments: 0

Video presents hydrodissection in endoscopic treatment for mycetoma filling right maxillary sinus. The use of warm saline helps to reduce intraoperative bleeding.

Osteomyelitis of the uncinate process

views: 4135 comments: 0

In this video you can see middle meatal antrostomy performed in a woman suffering from headaches and severe facial pain, eventually diagnosed with osteomyelitis of the uncinate.


views: 3891 comments: 0

Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic granulomatous infection caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi. In this case disease is affecting the mucous membrane of nasopharynx. Polyps are causing nasal obstruction and...

Invasive Aspergillosis of Skull Base

views: 3435 comments: 0

Dr Janakiram presents a case of invasive aspergillosis in immunocompetent 42 year old patient. This is a reoperation. Patient before resection of lesion presented diminishing vision, numbness in cheek...

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