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Chapter 3: Nasal and Sinus Problems and Solutions

Specialty:  Anatomy
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This video describes some of the common problems encountered by the nasal cavity and sinuses including the common cold, sinusitis, sinus surgery, deviated nasal septum and septoplasty, turbinate reduction,...

Chapter 2: Nasal Anatomy and Function

Specialty:  Anatomy
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Learn about the structures that make up the nasal airway and the functions of each. The nasal airway is explored from a functional point of view. Airflow is examined. Sinus mucous drainage is examined....

FESS Intro for Surgeons

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A video I made to introduce my residents to my approach to sinus surgery.

Transpterygoid Approach CSF leak repair from...

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The treatment of CSF leaks from the lateral extension of the sphenoid sinus differs from the treatment of CSF leak from the anterior skull base and requires considerable expertise. Endoscopic transpterygoid...

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

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Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is a surgical treatment of sinusitis and nasal polyps, including bacterial, fungal, recurrent acute, and chronic sinus problems. The concept of FESS is 1.Removal...

Left Frontal Sinus Tumor Modified Lothrop (Draf...

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45 year old female patient had presented with left proptosis. On further evaluation she was diagnosed to have a left frontal sinus tumor eroding the posterior wall of left frontal sinus and extending...

Left Maxillary Sinus Atelectasis

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A video that depicts the opening of a very atelectatic maxillary sinus. 0 and 45 degree scopes were used, as well as curved instruments including a microdebrider tip with a 60 degree curve.

Sphenoid Sinus Pyocele

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In the following case we would like to present a 56 old female patient with progressive vision impairment and occipital headache. We have performed a paraseptal opening of the natural left sphenoid sinus...

Bullet in the Ethmoid Sinus

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A 20 years old male with bullet in the posterior ethmoid sinus. It was removed by endoscopic sinus surgery.

Introduction to FESS for the surgeon

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A video presentation for surgeons to learn proper technique for FESS.

Balloon Dilation of Maxillary Sinus

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Clip shows a technique of dilation of narrowed maxillary ostium followed by balloon dilation of this sinus.

Balloon Dilation of Ostium for Chronic Sinuitis...

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Video shows an office procedure - balloon dilation of ostium. This is an innovative method for treatment for chronic sinuitis.

Balloon Dilation of Ostium under Local Anesthesia

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Video shows an office procedure - balloon dilation of ostium. The identification of frontal and supraorbital ostia is very important and performed by the use of transillumination.

Balloon Dilation of Frontal Sinus under Local...

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Video shows an office procedure - balloon dilation of frontal sinus by the use of XprESS device .

Sinus Lifting (2/2)

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This video was acquired working through a stereo-microscope and shows procedure of sinus lifting (2/2).

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