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Benign Neoplasm of the Larynx. Fibroma.

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Short ENT video case: the patient complained of discomfort in the throat. The patient was referred for surgical treatment.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome - Case Study

Specialty:  Neurology
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Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS) is a rare neurological disorder characterized by paralysis of the facial nerve (facial palsy) and a rash affecting the ear or mouth. Ear abnormalities such as ringing in the...

Endoscopic Tympanoplasty for Cholesteatoma

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A case of endoscopic tympanoplasty for cholesteatoma.

Endoscopic Myringoplasty HD

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An average case of endoscopic myringoplasty.

MEDICUS Clinic Wrocław, Integrated Operating...

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#ALVOIntegra operating room management solution supports evidence-based clinical processes optimization: + From surgical safety checklists to clinical data registration & management + Centralized...

Cholesteatoma Resection by Endoscopic and Microscopic...

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The procedure begins with the use of the endoscopic approach. Then, when it was evident that the cholesteatoma involved the mastoid, a traditional mastoidectomy was performed. The reconstruction was carried...

Simplified DCR

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Using an optic to locate lacrimal sac makes the DCR much easier. A useful technique for the beginner surgeon.

Meningocele Repair

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A case of endoscopic repair of a little meningocele. The patient was complaining of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorroea. There was also maxillary sinusitis on the opposite side.

Nasal Anatomy

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Nasal anatomy: you can see: the septum and inferior turbinate, middle turbinate and middle meatus, superior and supreme turbinates, sphenoid sinus ostini un and cavity.

Endoscopic DCR

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I present you a video case of endoscopic DCR.

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