endoscopic ear surgery

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Endoscopic Revision Tympanoplasty for Conductive...

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This is an edited video for an endoscopic revision tympanoplasty done to correct a postoperative conductive hearing loss. Audio on for commentaries on this endoscopic ear surgery video. 

Operating Room Configuration for Endoscopic Ear...

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This morning a colleague asked me about the configuration of the operating room for endoscopic ear surgery. So I decide to record a quick video about it. I usually do surgery on standing position (as...

Ear Canal Preparation for Endoscopic Ear Surgery

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The preparation of the ear canal is fundamental when starting with endoscopic ear surgery, as bleeding while elevating the tympanomeatal flap can be very frustrating. We only use one infiltration point,...

Round Window Anatomy and Endoscopic Assisted...

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Clinical discussion: round window anatomy and endoscopic assisted cochlear implant. Guest: Davide Soloperto. 

Endoscopic Myringoplasty HD

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An average case of endoscopic myringoplasty.

Cholesteatoma Resection by Endoscopic and Microscopic...

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The procedure begins with the use of the endoscopic approach. Then, when it was evident that the cholesteatoma involved the mastoid, a traditional mastoidectomy was performed. The reconstruction was carried...

Middle Ear Endoscopy

Specialty:  Otorhinolaryngology
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This video demonstrates otoendoscopy and visualization of the middle ear during the surgery performed by Dr. Hamid Djalilian, the director of Otology, Neurotology, and Skull Base Surgery at University...

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