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Chest X Rays (CXR) Made Easy! - Learn in 10 Minutes!

Specialty:  Students
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In this video tutorial we'll cover the basics of reading and presenting chest X-rays, one of the most common jobs you'll have as a medical student. 

Uniportal VATS Left Upper Lobectomy and Chest...

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This video shows a left upper lobe lung cancer with chest wall involvement. A left upper lobectomy and en bloc chest wall resection was performed through a single incision thoracoscopic approach.

Uniportal VATS Lobectomy and Chest Wall Resection...

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Left upper lobe Lung cancer involving chest wall with good response after chemotherapy. The patient was proposed for single incision VATS lobectomy and chest wall resection by posterior incision. The...

Radiology Review & FAST

Specialty:  Traumatology
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In this video we can see short review from chest radiology and FAST examination (Focused assessment with sonography for trauma). Video by: V. Bansal, MD

Chest Trauma

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Video presentation of Professor Lee and others include information on injuries occurring in the chest area. What are the most common types of injuries and their diagnosis and treatments.

Chest Tube Insertion

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In this film Dennis Kim describes the drainage of pleural cavity, the execution of this procedure, the advantages and disadvantages, and the most common complications after surgery.

Silhouetted outline of chest radiographs for...

Specialty:  Radiology
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This short video made by James Smirniotopoulos shows the anatomy of chest imaged on X-ray images. It describes not only the anatomy but draws attention to the details that the assessment of radiographs...

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