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Enhance your understanding of traumatology with expert-led videos. Explore traumatic injuries, orthopedic procedures, and advancements in trauma care and surgical interventions.

Traumatology is a specialized field within surgery that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injuries, including those resulting from accidents, falls, and violence. Traumatologists, often trauma surgeons or orthopedic surgeons with trauma expertise, address injuries such as fractures, soft tissue injuries, and internal organ damage. They play a crucial role in emergency medicine and trauma care, providing rapid and effective interventions to minimize the impact of trauma on patients.

Traumatologists work collaboratively with emergency medicine physicians, anesthesiologists, and critical care teams to manage the acute phase of trauma and coordinate ongoing care. The field involves a comprehensive approach to trauma care, including resuscitation, surgical interventions, and postoperative rehabilitation. Traumatology aims to stabilize patients, prevent complications, and promote optimal recovery following traumatic injuries.

Advances in trauma care protocols, imaging technologies, and surgical techniques contribute to improving outcomes for individuals facing traumatic incidents. Traumatology represents a critical component of emergency and surgical care, addressing the unique challenges posed by traumatic injuries across various medical specialties.
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Ortho Concepts - Neer Classification (Part2)

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Ortho concepts - Neer classification (Part2).

Critical RTA Injuries

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Cts video: critical RTA injuries. All data in video. Thanks alot to my team.. .

Online FRCS Course - Viva & Clinicals for...

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Video is taken from one of our full day Case Discussions courses. To find out more about our future courses , please visit: https:// For upcoming webinars and courses,...

Mastering Orthopaedic Implants - Intramedullary...

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Welcome to the Orthopaedic Academy's tutorial on 'Mastering Orthopaedic Implants: Intramedullary Nails.' Dive deep into the intricacies of intramedullary nailing, its applications, and best practices....

Survive Orthopaedic Oncall - Pg Course - RCSEd

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Survive Orthopaedic Oncall - Pg Course - RCSEd. To explore more , click here : Join this channel to get access to perks:

Distal Humerus Fracturs

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Mohamed Imam: distal humerus fracturs.

Fractures of the Acetabulum

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Walid El-Nahal - The talk is about acetabular fractures, which are complex fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum. - The speaker focuses on radiological assessment and classification of the fractures...

Joints Dislocations for Orthopaedic Examinations

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Athar Siddiqui - the transcript discusses the topic of joint dislocations, specifically focusing on cervical spine, shoulder, and hip dislocations. - In cervical spine dislocations, there is controversy...

Trauma Case Discussions for Orthopaedic FRCS...

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Trauma Case Discussions for Orthopaedic FRCS Exam by Maged Elbalony. This Lecture is part of a recorded course. For more similar videos , please go to For upcoming webinars...

Paediatric Trauma

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The teaching session is about pediatric trauma. - The session is organized by the FRCS Mentor Group and Orthopedic Research UK. - The first speaker is Mr. Tom Crompton, a consultant pediatric orthopedic...

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