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Assessing and Treating Ankle Ligament Injuries:...

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Explore the intricacies of ankle ligaments in this comprehensive educational video. Dive deep into the types of injuries, diagnostic methods, and essential tests to understand and address these common...

3D Precision Diagnostics: Cervical Spine Injuries...


Specialty:  Neurosurgery
views: 3494 comments: 0

On this video we can see the MRI anatomy of the cervical Spine and the Cervical Spine Injuries MRI. Video is provided by the MediVisuals,

Injuries caused by accidents on off-road vehicles...

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In this film Professor Banasiak discusses accidents caused by the rapid and dangerous quad biking. He talks about the causes of the sudden increase in number of accidents of ATV related injuries.

Blunt Hepatic Trauma: Current Management

views: 4835 comments: 0

Film presentation from Patrick Bosarga contains information about the injuries of the liver. Describing the most common types of injuries, diagnosis and treatments.

Duodenal-Pancreatic Trauma Injuries

views: 2344 comments: 0

Video presentation from Professor Bansal and others include information on injuries of duodenum and pancreas. Describing the most common types of injuries, and their diagnosis and treatments.

Injuries caused by the explosion of bombs

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This film contains information on injuries resulting from all kinds of explosives.

Abdominal Vascular Injuries

views: 2053 comments: 0

This film shows the presentations of Professor Raul Coumbra describing the various methods of control of bleeding from blood vessels in the abdomen. He also analyzes the results of methods used and discusses...

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