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Bilateral and unilateral vocal fold paralysis

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Abductor neurological disfunction (palsy) is the inability of the vocal fold to move away form midline. In bilateral involvement, this causes narrowing of the glottic opening with the potential of airway...

Massive Vallecula Cyst

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This video presents an enormous vallecula. The typical symptoms are the globus sensation and the "hot potato" voice.

Acute subepithelial haemorrhage

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Sometimes, spontaneous bleeding in the vocal fold can happen, following phonotrauma or caused by doctor (after surgical procedures which involve the larynx or tracheobronchial tree). Commonly, the blood...

Acute Laryngitis - Voice Box

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Larynx during acute laryngitis is shown. The video visualized the erythematous mucosa and early formation of fibrinous exudates on the true vocal folds edges. Hoarseness of the voice is present but stridor...

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