Difference in Palatal and Oropharyngeal Configuration upon Phonation of Vowels

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13 years ago

Case description

The proper speech (pronunciation of different vowels) needs the special configuration of the throat provided by muscular attachments on the soft palate, pharynx and tongue. The laryngologist takes this advantage in examining the oropharynx and hypopharyngeal/laryngeal areas. The differences when one's saying the vowels 'a' and 'e' are explained in this particular case. In the former the soft palate is less elevated and the tongue base not depressed while in the latter the elevation of the soft palate was more pronounced and the base of tongue became significantly depressed. Thus, this allows to see the oropharyngeal structures more easily when the patient say 'aaaaa' while the hypopharyngeal and laryngeal structure made possible by providing a roomier space to use a laryngeal mirror or and endoscope.

tags: laryngology larynx anatomy physiology voice

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