uterine bleeding

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Endometrial Polyp by Office Hysteroscopy. Cause...

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A beautiful endometrial polyp that occupies almost the entire uterine cavity. The secile base is located in the uterine fundus. Office Hysteroscopy.   

Abdominal Myomectomy

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Surgical video case: 25year, single lady with excessive abnormal uterine bleeding. Her MRI revealed hugh myoma about 20*15*5cm. Abdominal myomectomy with preservation of the uterus done.

Hysteroscopy - Endometrial Polyp

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55 yo female with heavy uterine bleeding. An endometrial polyp is seen as the cause of the excessive bleeding. Here I am performing a removal of the polyp and an endometrial ablation.

Resection of Fibroid

Magdy Milad

Specialty:  Gynecology
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We present a case of a 40 year old woman with 60 days of heavy bleeding from a 3 cm intracavitary fibroid. Dilute vasopressin is used to control blood loss and the mechanical morcellator employed to...

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