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Dry Socket Treatment

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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In this video, dr Na Kiwon demonstrates his technique for dry socket treatment.

Matrix In Matrix Technique

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This technique is helpful whenever you don't have an adjacent tooth to wedge against but it also helpful when you can't get a matrix to seal. You can use a variety of matrix bands for the outer and inner...

Laparoscopic CBD Exploration, Forceps Stone Extraction...

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After the confluence of the cystic duct and the CBD were exposed, an incision was made along the superior wall of the common bile duct. The choledochoscope was inserted into the lumen of the CBD through...

Techniques with Enamel Shades

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The video presents selection of the color of filling class III cavity.

TMJ Mobilization With Movement Technique For...

Specialty:  Other
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This video presents mobilization with movement technique for patients with painful and reduced mouth opening.

Surgical Knot Tying: Instrument Tie, Lefty

Specialty:  General Surgery
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In my final video, I show you how to perform an instrument tie with your left hand. Video by Dr. Omedary.

Clip Closure Technique of a Large Cecal Resection...

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Video presents a correction of a large cecal resection defect. Large defects require the use of different clips, position change of the patient if necessary, decompressed colon, short straight colonoscope...

Endoscopic Technique - 360 Degree Rotation

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Video presents an important endoscopic technique - 360 degree rotation. A short straight scope to the cecum is essential. It helps in better screening and better resection. One could check whether the...

Lecture: Therapeutic Endoscopy and the Future...

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Video shows a very interesting lecture about therapeutic endoscopy and role of this technique in gastrointestinal surgery. Lecture is presented by Maurice Arregui, MD.

Endoscopic Drainage of Hypoplastic Maxillary...

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Video presents an endoscopic technique - drainage of hypoplastic right maxillary sinus.

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