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Endoscopic Removal of Pituitary Macroadenoma...

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Pituitary macroadenoma removal with the use of the extended transnasal transseptal endoscopic approach to the sella is demonstrated. The patient presented with a visual field cut caused by displacement...

Skull Base Tumor - Dorsum Sella Meningioma -...

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These are benign tumors. In the skull, slow growing. Originate from meninges can occur any where in the skull. When they occur in above said region they press on optic nerves and lead to progressive visual...

Brain Tumor - Cranio Pharyngioma - Microsurgery...

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These are developmental tumors start by birth and slowly grow in size. These are situated around sella turcica, optic chiasma, hypothalamus. They originate from cranio-pharyngeal remnant. They present...

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