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Non-oncologic Use of Peritonectomy for the Treatment...

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Step by step for en bloc removal of endometriosis by peritonectomy of the posterior compartment of the pelvis. Considering endometriosis a Mullerian defect, it needs to be removed respecting the path...

Obturator Nerve Endometriosis Treat by Peritonectomy...

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Video case description: endometriosis on left obturator nerve with left leg pain on menses, treated by complete peritonectomy of posterior compartment of pelvis. 

Deep Endometriosis Excision with Peritonectomy...

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Laparoscopic surgery for deep endometriosis excision with peritonectomy and retrocervical nodule resection. Dr Igor Chiminacio - Endometriosis Center in Brazil.

Right Upper Quadrant Peritonectomy - Answering...

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In this video frequently asked questions on peritonectomy are addressed.

Posterior Compartment Peritonectomy for Endometriosis...

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Material intended for medical education on endometriosis and pelvic anatomy. Igor Chiminacio MD, MIGS, describes the technique of resection of the peritoneum of the posterior compartment of the pelvis...

Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC in Pseudomyxoma...

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This video demonstrates the five peritonectomy procedures required for complete cytoreductive surgery (CRS) preceding HIPEC in a detailed manner. The patient suffers from pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP)....

Huge Hiatal Hernia

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In this video you can see huge hiatal hernia.