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Post PTE and Cardiac Arrest Organ Donation

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Professor Zeraatian's expertise in the field of organ donation extends to donation after cardiac death, where he has made significant contributions to advancing this critical area of medicine. Through...

Domino Heart Transplantation

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Novel heart transplantation refers to innovative approaches and advancements in the field of cardiac transplantation. Emerging technologies, such as organ perfusion systems and 3D-printing techniques,...

Post CABG Organ Donation

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Post-CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) patients can still be considered for organ donation. Eligibility depends on various factors, including the overall health of the individual, the specific organs...

Post Complete Cardiac Death Organ Donation with...

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Donation after cardiac death (DCD) is a method of organ transplantation where organs are retrieved from a deceased donor shortly after their heart has stopped beating. This differs from donation after...

Usage of Ultrafiltration and MUF for Organ Donation...

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In this video we show usage of MUF and ultrafiltration for organ donation for the first time in the world by Sam Zeraatiannejaddavani, professor of surgery IUMS.

Patient with Brain Death Before Organ Donation...

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Surgical video case: back table AVR in patient with organ donation after cardiac death and brain death and reonation. 

Donation after Cardiac Death First Time in the...

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Organ donation after cardiac death first time in The World.  As a result of lack of organ donation after brain death in our country we shifted to new protocol of Spain DTI or donation transplantation...

The Diagnosis of Brain Death

Specialty:  Transplantology
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The collection of cells, tissues or organs for transplantation is allowed after the confirmation of permanent and irreversible cessation of brain activity. The diagnosis of brain-stem death does not require...

Kidney Transplants in Highly Sensitized Patients

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Stanislaw Stepkowski, DVM, PhD, DSc, presents his lecture entitled "Kidney Transplants in Highly Sensitized Patients" delivered during the International Organ Donation Conference in Ryn, Poland.

Overcoming Barriers to Maximizing Kidney Paired...

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Adam W. Bingaman, MD, PhD, presents his lecture entitled "Overcoming Barriers to Maximizing Kidney Paired Donation" delivered during the International Organ Donation Conference in Ryn (Poland),...

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