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Laparoscopic Radiofrequency Liver Resection for...

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New radiofrequency device for liver surgery was used. It was the first laparoscopic use of that RF device in Poland (23.04.2023). After over 12-month follow-up patient is well and has no signs of recurrence...

Aberrant Liver Tissue on Gallbladder Surface

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Video case: liver tissue situated outside the liver with a hepatic connection is usually called an accessory liver, and that without a connection to the mother liver, is called ectopic liver tissue.

Accessory Grooves on the Diaphragmatic Surface...

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Surgical video case: usually liver does not possess any grooves on its diaphragmatic surface, but there are reports on the presence of grooves on this surface. Normally, there is no other structure between...

Robotic Hepatectomy of Segments VII and VIII

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Surgical video case: robotic hepatectomy of segments VII and VIII.  

Robotic Liver Resection

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Surgical video case: robotic liver resection, segments V, VI, VII. - Patient 84 y/o lady with right upper quadrant abdominal pain - CT scan showed 2 liver lesions - CT guided biopsy positive for HCC 

Home Made Retieval Bag Can Be Used to Retrieve...

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Homemade retrieval bag can be used to retrieve the cyst wall and debris in case of a huge liver cyst.

Huge Liver Cyst is Best Managed with Laparoscopy

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Video case surgery: huge liver cyst is best managed with laparoscopy.

Robotic Resection of Segment VI Hepatocellular...

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Surgical video case: robotic resection of segment VI HCC with IC pringle.

Development of Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

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Video lecture by Davit Aghayan: development of laparoscopic liver surgery in a Norwegian high-volume referral center. This presentation was recorded during SMIT 2022 meeting in Oslo (May 2022). Produced...

Use of ICG Fluorescence Guided Surgey During...

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Surgical video case: this video highlights the importance of using indocyanine green fluorescence during the fenestration of simple non-parasitic liver cysts as highlighting the biliary branches within...

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