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Laryngeal Nerve Palsy or Paralysis (Anatomy,...

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Laryngeal nerve palsy usually refers to the palsy of the recurrent largyngeal nerve. The recurrent laryngeal nerve is responsible for both abduction (opening) and adduction (closing) of the vocal fold....

Cocaine Abuse as a Cause of Nasal Destruction

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Abusing of cocaine can cause destruction of nasal structures. Therapy consists of endoscopic examination and sphenoidotomy.

Endoscopic Drainage of Hypoplastic Maxillary...

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Video presents an endoscopic technique - drainage of hypoplastic right maxillary sinus.

Polypectomy and Transilluminating of Sphenoid...

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This video presents cleaning sphenoid sinus from polyps (called "shaving") and transiluminating.

Endoscopic Removal of Pituitary Apoplexy

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Video shows transsphenoidal, transnasal endoscopic removal of pituitary tumor (Sella tumor) followed by reconstruction.

Inflamation of Maxillary Sinus Caused by Fungus

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Clip presents an endoscopic removail of fungal changes in maxillary sinus.

Functional Voice Disorder

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Video presents a diagnostic problem - false cord phonation and hoarse voice in child. Possible cause - hyperadduction of false cords. Movements of plices are observed by endoscopy.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery - Frontal Polypectomy

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Video shows endoscopic procedures - polypectomy, balloon dilation of the sinus, drainage and septoplasty.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery - Removal of Sphenoid...

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Clip shows endoscopic removal of sphenoid polyps, balloon sinuplasty and septoplasty.

Correction of Choanal Atresia

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The technique of repairing the choanal atresia is presented.

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