laparoscopic suturing

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Laparoscopic Myomectomy Animation 3 Layer Closure...

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Animation showing the correct use of Quill® barbed sutures during laparoscopic myomectomy. 

Hemostasis of Liver Bed in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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During laparoscopic cholecystectomy the most life threatening complication is haemorrhage. The well known methods to the achieve hemostasis from the gallbladder bed are; use of electro-cautery, (*brand...

Effect of Suture Application on Bleeding From...

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Although effect of electrocoagulation and direct pressure application on bleeding from liver bed during laparoscopic cholecystectomy is clear, in some cases applying suture on bleeding big laceration...

Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy EGJ Perforation Treated...

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Laparoscopic Heller myotomy is the mainstay surgical treatment of oesophageal achalasia and has proven to be safe and effective over the course of time. Oesophageal perforation after myotomy can be a...

Laparoscopic Suturing Intracorporeal Technique

views: 7102 comments: 2

Every modern era surgeon must master the technique of suturing via intracorporeal technique.

Port placement and laparoscopic suturing webinar

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This is a webinar I did on the importance of port placement in laparoscopic suturing and knot tying.

Laparoscopic Myomectomy with Barbed Suture

Malzoni Group

Specialty:  Gynecology
views: 4756 comments: 0

Laparoscopic myomectomy performed with bidirectional barbed suture. Surgeon: Mario Malzoni, MD. Editor and assistant: Alfonso Ruggiero, MD

Challenges in Laparoscopic Management of Adenomyoma...

Pragnesh Shah

Specialty:  Gynecology
views: 5252 comments: 0

Intruduction: Adenomyosis, partly understood, is called 'elusive' or 'enigmatic' because of its difficult diagnosis, definition, and because of the vague and ill-defined pattern of symptoms. Patients...

Laparoscopic Barbed Stitching Application In...

views: 10687 comments: 1

Introduction: Laparoscopic stitching is considered to be one of the most difficult and long procedures in laparoscopy. Our team started to use a bidirectional barbed stitch for vaginal closure, after...

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