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Acute And Chronic Cholangitis

Washington Deceit

Which parts of the cut sections of the liver show the inflammatory changes? What is the usual cause of cholangitis? Why might this be called acute and chronic from a histopathological point of view?...

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Diffuse Cortical Necrosis

Washington Deceit

Draw a line between the necrotic cortex and the more viable appearing medulla. On which side of that line can nuclei be discerned more easily? Why?

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Acute Tubular Necrosis

Washington Deceit

Show, in any way, shape, or form, a necrotic tubule. Name two or three most common causes of ATN.

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Interstitial Nephritis

Washington Deceit

What is the interstitium of the kidney? Why might the term thyroidization be described here as an adjective? Demonstrate it. Demonstrate a tubule with coagulation necrosis.

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Diabetic Glomerulosclerosis

Washington Deceit

Even if you didn't know anything at all about diabetes, and also had contempt for esoteric words like Kimmelsteil-Wilson, simply name some ways this kidney differs from all the normal kidneys you have...

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Arteriolosclerosis (Hypertension) And Hydropic...

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate tubules with hydropic change. What is hydropic change? Is hydropic change a NON-specific finding in many diseases?

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Myocardial Infarction - Recent

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate granulation tissue. What is granulation tissue? Can the term granulation tissue be used, more or less, interchangeably, with the term organizing inflammation?

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Myocardial Infarct - Remote

Washington Deceit

Draw a line separating the fibrosis (scar) from the normal cardiac muscle tissue. How might one differentiate scar (fibrosis), from coagulation necrosis, from normal cardiac muscle (in words)?

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Myocardial Infarct

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate the coagulation necrosis. Demonstrate the neutrophilic infiltrates (i.e., acute inflammatory infiltrate)

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Acute Fibrinous Pericarditis

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate the fibrin. Is it limited to the pericardial layer? What are some common causes of acute pericarditis?

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Bacterial Pericarditis

Washington Deceit

In all honesty, can this be grossly or microscopically differentiated from a NON-bacterial pericarditis? Do you feel confident enough to identify bacteria on this type of stain? If so, demonstrate some....

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Acute Fibrinous Pericarditis

Washington Deceit

Is it limited to the pericardial layer? What are some common causes of acute pericarditis?

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Acute Cholecystitis

Washington Deceit

Is the presence of neutrophils in the wall of the gallbladder needed for the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis? Demonstrate this. Demonstrate some fibrin. If the inflammatory infiltrate was severe enough...

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Chronic Esophagitis

Washington Deceit

Which of the four primary GI tract layers, mucosa, submucosa, muscularis, serosa/adventitia is involved the most? Demonstrate this. Being chronic inflammation, what is the primary cell(s) of infiltration?...

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Chronic Fibrinous Bursitis

Washington Deceit

Why can the phrase chronic fibrinous be construed as an oxymoron? What is a bursa as opposed to a joint cavity? Show the fibrin. Show the fibrosis. Show some synovial cells. Show villi. [if]Is this a...

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Pseudomembranous Colitis

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate the pseudomembrane. What are the two main constituents of the pseudomembrane? What bacterial toxin is this almost always associated with?

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Fat Necrosis - Traumatic

Washington Deceit

What is the most common cause of fat necrosis in any part of the body? Demonstrate granulomas, giant cells, and hemosiderin.

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Cerebellum - Abscess

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate the abscess by drawing a circle around it. What is the most common cause for brain abscesses in children? Name some things which are associated with brain abscesses in adults. What type...

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Viral Encephalitis

Washington Deceit

Demonstrate lymphocytic perivascular cuffing in the Virchow-Robbins space. Is this a classic feature of almost all encephalitis cases? Are the vast majority of encephalitis cases viral rather than bacterial?...

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Cerebral Infarct, Recent

Washington Deceit

Is brain damage always used as the best example of liquefactive necrosis? Why is necrosis here liquefactive? Can many types of brain damage cause liquefactive necrosis, in a non-specific fashion? Might...

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Vertebrae- Fracture Callus

Washington Deceit

What are the two types of callus in the phases of a healing bone fracture? Which type is this? What is it composed of? Demonstrate it.

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Appendix- Acute Appendicitis- Self-Leraning...

Washington Deceit

Find some remnant mucosal glands. What is the definition of ulceration anywhere in the body? Demonstrate neutrophils (i.e., polys, or PMNs) in all four layers---mucosa, submucosa, muscular layer, serosa....

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