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The View of An Adult and A Child's Eardrum

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In this video we can see the normal eardrum of an adult and a child in a sequence. At birth its morphology and size are similar.

Otitis Media with Effusion or Glue Ear

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In this video we can see a yellowish eardrum due to a fluid inside the middle ear in otitis media with effusion or "glue ear". A mild attic retraction is present. A conductive hearing loss was revealed...

Self-Extruded Grommet (Ventilation Tube) with...

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In this video we can see grommet which is extruded into the ear canal admixed with an earwax. Because of a persistent middle ear effusion the eardrum appeared bulging. The explanation of the extrusion...

The Use of Crocodile Forceps as An Office Procedure...

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In this video we can see the removal technique of focal earwax sheet by using crocodile forceps in an adult. The deeper ear passage and eardrum were normal.

Polyp in Cholesteatoma and Posteromarginal Perforation

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In this video we can see a polyp arising from the middle ear in a patient with postero-marginal perforation of the left eardrum. A proper ear toilet is important, but also a re-examination if copious...

Roving anterosuperoior segment movement of the...

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The eustachian tube in a physiological state is closed and only becomes open upon swallowing or yawning. When it is abnormally patent, eustachian tube allows spontaneous airflow to pass through the middle...

Haemorrhagic Bullous Myringitis

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A viral infection has been a cause of haemorrhagic blister arising from the right eardrum. It is presented in this video. The associated symptoms are earache and fullness sensation. Serous discharge which...

Glomus Tympanicum

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This video presents a red, vascular tumor which pulsate simultaneously with the patient heart. The tumor is glomus tympanicum - derived form glomus bodies which are chemoreceptors found along certain...

Large Center Eardrum Perforation

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Complications of open eardrum perforation includes conductive hearing loss with the risk of recurrent infections from external or internal sources. Documentation of the site, dimension and presence of...

Dense Myringosclerosis

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Dense myringosclerosis and its complication - tympanosclerosis (calcification affecting the ossicles) may cause conductive hearing loss. Differentiation diagnosis can be easier by use of tympanogram and...

Myringotomy - Laser Method

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Opening into the eardrum is called myringotomy. Laryngologist is able to do it with or without insertion of a grommet. Severe acute otitis media, unresolved middle ear effusion (glue ear), recurrent barotrauma...

Attic Retraction Pocket with Scutum Resorption

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Indrawing of both pars tensa and flaccida with the changes far obvious in the latter is presented in this video. It is a risk factor of cholesteatoma formation if the neck of the retraction pocket is...

Pars Tensa Eardrum Perforation - Posterior vs....

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Perforation of the eardrum (pars tensa involvig central and posterior segment in two different subjects) is shown. The symptom is conductive hearing loss. The degree of impairment worsens in severe perforations....

Bulging of Right Eardrum Segment

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A retracted right eardrum with an indrawn atelectatic segment is shown. Performation of Valsava manoeuvre (blowing with the nose pinched and lips closed) causes bulging, collapse is the result of Toynbee...

Bilateral Retracted Eardrum with middle ear effusion...

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This particular case presents a child with poorly controlled allergic rhinitis - video presents a bilaterally retracted eardrum with middle ear effusion. Distortion of the cone of light reflex is visible....

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