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Patient with LV Tumor and Simultaneous Mitral...

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Clinical video case: 90 years old patient with SOL within LV cavity and mitral as well as aortic valve stenosis and regurgitation undergone median sternotomy and CPB and CC after CP administration. Mitral...

Bilateral Lung Harvest and Transplantation Technical...

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In this video I show you after confirming brain death of donor patient how via median sternotomy and cannulation of pulmonary artery for perfadex solution injection as well as prostaglandin injection...

Mitral Valve Repair Using Neo-Chord System

views: 2997 comments: 1

We present a case of a 67 yo man with breathlessness on exertion due to severe mitral valve (MV) regurgitation. We performed a MV repair via sternotomy. Neo-chords were fashioned to repair the flail /prolapsing...

Stab Heart

views: 5349 comments: 1

22y male patient stab chest at pericardial area about 1 cm, transthoracic ECHO showing massive pericardial effusion. Intra-operative, median sternotomy was done, pericardium opened and right ventricle...

Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm of the Arch and Ascending...

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Symptomatic posterior contained rupture of a 70mm aortic aneurysm of the ascending aorta and proximal arch. Moderate aortic valve regurgitation with a central jet due to dilatation of the sino-tubular...

Redo Off-Pump Coronary Bypass Surgery via Left...

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This 73 year old lady had a coronary bypass surgery procedure 10 years ago at which she had five bypass grafts constructed. She had been well and symptom-free until 3 months ago when she developed worsening...

Aortic and Mitral Valve Replacement via Sternotomy

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74 year old lady with aortic and mitral valve stenosis and regurgitation due to rheumatic valve disease. She reported breathlessness on exertion over the past 12 months. Surgery performed via sternotomy....

Full Median Sternotomy

Specialty:  Cardiac Surgery
views: 12047 comments: 0

The video shows sternotomy- standard approach to the heart and great vessels, from skin incision to the opening of the pericardium. Video by V. Tsiopoulos MD

Median Sternotomy Closure Technique

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Median sternotomy is a procedure involving vertical incision along the sternum, enabling two parts of sternum to be divided. Such procedure provides access to the heart and lungs for surgical operations...

Right Nephrectomy With Sternotomy- Clear Cell...

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Intra-operative video showing the laparotomy and sternotomy. 53-year-old male underwent operation due to clear cell carcinoma of the right kidney with the cancerous thrombus in the right atrium. The right...

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