Aortic Valve Replacement

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TachoSil® in Case of TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic...

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Transapical transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) as a gentler treatment strategy than open surgery for the indication of an aortic valve replacement. Re-intervention procedure. Anterolateral...

Limited Thoracotomy Aortic Valve Replacement

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Minimally invasive aortic surgery has revolutionized the field of cardiovascular interventions, offering patients a less invasive alternative to traditional open-heart procedures. This approach involves...

One Rare Complication of Sutureless Aortic Valve...

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Clinical video case: sutureless aortic valve replacement is a minimally invasive surgical technique designed to treat aortic valve disease. While it offers several advantages, such as reduced surgical...

Aortic Valve Replacement via Right Anterior Thoracotomy....

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Cardiac surgery video case: we routinely employ a right mini anterior thoracotomy for our isolated aortic valve replacement procedures. This video shows the major steps involved with this procedure. A...

Aortic and Mitral Valve Replacement for Native...

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Surgical video case: This male patient in his early 60s presented with 3 months of worsening fatigue, anorexia, breathlessness and more recently, fevers. He was also investigated for new back pain and...

How is a Conventional (Sutured) Aortic Valve...

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This video shows how an aortic valve prosthesis is implanted by suturing it into place. The patient had severe aortic valve stenosis requiring aortic valve replacement surgery. In addition there was an...

Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement for...

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Minimally invasive aortic valve replacement performed via a small right anterior thoracotomy. Video is obtained using a head-mounted Parallel Medical Camera :

Open Heart Valve Surgery Mini Aortic Valve Replacement...

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Surgeon performs minimal access aortic valve surgery. The patient has severe aortic stenosis and a bicuspid aortic valve that is replaced with a pig valve. Video by Erik Beyer James.

Minimal Incision For Aortic Valve Replacement

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Aortic valve is one of the semilunar valves of the heart and lies between the left ventricle and aorta. Its main function is to prevent the blood from regurgitating from the aorta to the ventricle. There...

Aortic Valve Replacement - Medstar Union Memorial

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Aortic valve separates the lumen of left ventricle and aorta, preventing the blood regurgitation from the aorta back to the heart.Typically the valve consists of three leaflets, although 1-2% of the population...

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