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Minimally Invasive Bentall Procedure

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Video case cardiac surgery: minimally invasive Bentall procedure.

Patient with Double Valve Endocarditis and Fistula...

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Patient with pulmonary valve endocarditis and aortic valve endocarditis and fistula between these double valves and trunc. Undergone pulmonary artery base reconstruction and fistula closure and valve...

Patient with SVCS and Bacterial Endocarditis...

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In this case we show you how to perform off pump SVC reconstruction in an infected environment with substitute of Homograft with SVC and confirming patency.

Patient with TAPVC and Extra Cardiac Repair of...

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In TAPVC and extra cardiac confluence site direct anastomoses of confluence to LA done wearing from CPB uneventful.

Simple Beating Apical Amputation Technique for...

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How to simply without usage of CPB amputate apical type VSR with just two teflon felts interposition on beating basis without CPB.

Aortic Stump Perforation Management after MVR...

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Surgical technique video: how to manage cannulation site blow out which is really rare in ICU OH? Rapid and safe sequences.

Redo CABG in Patient with LVEF 5 to 10 Percent...

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Video case: patient with LVEF 5 to 10 percent and previous CABG undergone redo CABG.

Patient with Extensive Type B Aortic Dissection...

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In this interesting video I show you how to perform mesenteric debranching from zone zero ascending aorta to SMA and Celiac Axis trans diaphragmatic.

LV Aneurysm Repair and Size Reduction with Zeraatiannejaddavani's...

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In this video we show you how to plicate LV aneurysm without opening LV cavity and simultaneously approximate papillary muscles. 

Cardiac Auto Transplantation for Recurrent Sarcoma

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Surgical video case: redo surgery, heart auto transplantation for sarcoma.

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