Internal medicine courses

Anticoagulation and thrombosis considerations...

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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In this video MD Manila Gaddh talks about coagulopathies associated with COVID-19 and laboratory findings in these states, studies outcomes in this topic, connection between thrombosis and inflammation...

Rheumatology Pearls in Systemic Sclerosis

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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Learning objectives in the video: -to disitinguish primary from secondary Raynaud's phenomenon, -to recognise the clinical manifestations of systemic sclerosis (SSc), -to understand the indications...

Raynaud's Phenomenon (Reduced Blood Flow) of...

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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This is a great demonstration as to what Raynaud's Phenomenon looks like. This reduction of blood flow to the tip of the finger causes pain, discomfort, loss of sensation, and possibly ulceration.

Cardiomyopathy Overview - Types (Dilated, Hypertrophic,...

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Buy PDFs here: I design my own shirts please support :) "Cardiomyopathies are diseases of the heart muscle tissue. Cardiomyopathies represent a heterogeneous group of diseases...

Normal RBC Physiology (Including Erythropoiesis)

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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An overview of the structure, function, formation/maturation (i.e. erythropoiesis), and removal of red blood cells, including the distinction between reticulocytes and mature erythrocytes. A related...

Heart Murmurs

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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A lecture on the identification and characterization of heart murmurs. Changes for this revised version include: - Video recompiled in high definition and in wide screen format. - Narration rerecorded....

Hepatorenal Syndrome - Causes, Pathophysiology...

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Buy PDFs here: I design my own shirts please support :) "Hepatorenal syndrome is one of many potential causes of acute kidney injury in patients with acute or chronic liver...

Cardiorenal Syndrome - Classification, Mechanism,...

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Buy PDFs here: "Acute or chronic dysfunction of the heart can lead to acute or chronic dysfunction of the kidneys and vice versa acute or chronic dysfunction of the kidneys...

Urinary Tract Infection - Overview

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This video is an overview of urinary tract infections. Video by Armando Hasudungan.

Abdominal Examination

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This video shows how to perform properly the abdominal examination. Film by Geeky Medics.