Examination of Thyroid

3 years ago
Internal Medicine

Case description

Physical examination of thyroid. A patient should be sitting with slightly extended neck. First part is inspection - the doctor needs to look at the both sides of thyroid gland. On inspection you can assess size, shape, surface, borders, changes of the skin over the gland, movement while swallowing and visible pulsations. The second part of examination is palpation - superficial, where you assess tenderness and deep palpation where you can feel lobes, isthmus, larynx, sometimes trachea, lymph nodes, pulse of carotid artery. On auscultation you can hear a systolic bruit in case of toxic goiter. The overall impression of a patient is very important - look for manifestations on face and hands, myxoedema, mediastinal syndrome, metastases in different regions.
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