vocal fold

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Hemorrhage in the Vocal Fold

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Patient complaining of sore throat, voice change. Denies injury. A week after conservative therapy, complete recovery.

Reinke's Edema of the Left Vocal Fold Treated...

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 This video demonstrates Reinke's edema of the left vocal fold treated with laser. 

Functional Voice Disorder

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Video presents a diagnostic problem - false cord phonation and hoarse voice in child. Possible cause - hyperadduction of false cords. Movements of plices are observed by endoscopy.

Laryngoscopy with Biopsy of Vocal Cord

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Video shows a case of laryngoscopy performed without general anesthesia followed by biopsy of vocal cord.

Hoarseness Caused by Red Vocal Fold Polyp

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Video presents endoscopic image of red vocal fold polyp.

Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) (1 of 2) State...

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This picture shows the diminution of the size after one month of treatment with PPI.

Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) (1 of 2) - Granuloma

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GRANULOMA - The vocal fold on the right side of the picture has a granuloma attached to the vocal process which is causing a small reactive lesion on the opposite vocal process. Laryngopharyngeal...

Videostroboscopy-True Vocal Fold Polyp

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In this video we can see a benign reddish polyp arising from the right vocal fold free edge. The microsurgical excision was performed and the prognosis is excellent.

The Vocal Fold Palsy Fully Compensated in HD

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In this video we can see a fully compensated left adductor vocal fold palsy. To produce the normal voice the normal right vocal fold needs to meet the paralyzed side without phonate gap.

Thickened posterior commisure with limited left...

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In this video we can see a thickened posterior commisure with a limited left vocal fold mobility upon the phonation. An arytenoid oedema is obvious.

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