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Extraction and Immediate Implantation with Lasers

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Extraction 2 teeth 33,34, and immediate implant placement. Flapless approach, using YSGG 2780 nm laser for disinfection, decontamination and granulatate tissue removal. Immediate loading with individual...

Removing Previous Porcelain Veneers Using Laser

Specialty:  Prosthodontics
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In our last video, we discussed the process of removing previous porcelain veneers and in this video, we have a live patent. Traditionally veneers have been cut using a dental bur in order to remove them...

Laser Technology in Conservative Dentistry

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Managment in esthetic zone. Tooth 11 with deep caries. Minimal invasive treatment, avoiding endodontic treatment, using YSGG laser for caries removal. After caries removal, i performed direct restorartion,...

Microsurgical Laser Therapy in Periodontology

views: 930 comments: 2

Periodontal pocket treatment using laser beam technology under magnification. Periodontal pocket deep of 10 mm, thin tissue biotype, hard and soft allograft augmentation. Laser Er, Cr:YSGG 2780 nm beam...


Carlo Negro

Specialty:  Urology
views: 354 comments: 0

Urology video case: prostate enucleation with GreenLight laser. 

Apicoectomy With Erbium Laser Without Sutures...

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Attached labial frenulum removal in with laser YSGG 2780 nm without sutures. Laser has numerous advantages in surgical field. The main advantage is very good healing, without producing any scar after...

RIRS - The Effect of Pre Op DJ Stenting in Upper...

Ahmed Zaghloul

Specialty:  Urology
views: 3992 comments: 0

Urulogy video case: 34 years old male, with stone left kidney 1.5 cm. An impassable tight upper urteric structure found below PUJ. A DJ stent inserted and remained for 1 week as first stage. On revision...

What Laser Dentistry Can Do For Your Practice

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In this webinar, dr Aza Nazarian introduces us to the use of lasers in dentistry.

Bladder Stone Lithotripsy with Pulsed Thulium...

views: 1539 comments: 0

Bladder stones endoscopic treatment may be time consuming depending on the available source  of lithotripsy. In this video we used the a hybrid Thulium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser (Tm:YAG) in the...

Anatomical Endoscopic Enucleation of Prostate...

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Anatomical endoscopic enucleation of prostate for benign prostatic obstruction using the pulsed Tm:YAG laser. In this case we used 80 W, 160 Hz, 100% effect. Laser fiber 550. 26 Ch (*brand hidden*) resectoscope....

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