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59 years old man with PPI dependent GERD and pathologic esophageal acid exposure as documented by percentage time esophageal PH less than 4 of more than 4.2% on PH-metry during 24-hrs period while off...

Multiple Gastric Ulcers - Endoscopy (4 of 10)

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Retroflexed image shows multiple ulcers. Surgery is indicated if complications develop. Administration of proton pump inhibitors and endoscopic therapy control most bleeds. Perforation and gastric...

Multiple Gastric Ulcers - Endoscopy (3 of 10)

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The image and the video clip display several ulcers across of the entire stomach. For younger patients with no alarm symptoms, a test-and-treat strategy based on the results of helicobacter pylori...

Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) (1 of 2) State...

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This picture shows the diminution of the size after one month of treatment with PPI.