tubular graft

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Superior Vena Caval Syndrome SVC Reconstruction...

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Patient with SVCS undergone SVC reconstruction with tubular graft and anastomoses from skull base to RA.

Patient with Extensive Ascending and Descending...

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Surgical video case: patient with extensive dissection type A and B undergone resection and replacement with tubular graft.

Ascending Aorta Intra Mural Hematoma Confirmed...

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Clinical video case: ascending aorta intra mural hematoma confirmed by CT undergone resection replacement with tubular graft.

Modified Cabrol Technique for Patient with Ascending...

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Through this video I show you how easy instead usage of tubular graft just perform LMT and RCA traunc anastomoses ti SVG and reattach it tubular graft for patient with ascending aorta complete dissection...