teeth extraction

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Extraction and Immediate Implantation with Lasers

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Extraction 2 teeth 33,34, and immediate implant placement. Flapless approach, using YSGG 2780 nm laser for disinfection, decontamination and granulatate tissue removal. Immediate loading with individual...

Teeth Extraction with Immediate Implants Placement

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Dental video case: patient reffered to full arch rehabilitation. in same appoitment was perforemd: teeth extraction in upper jaw, using laser YSGG 2780 nm, immediate implants placement, guided bone regeneration,...

How To Extract Ankylosed Teeth

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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This video discusses how to recognize and manage ankylosed teeth. It touches upon the etiology of this condition and provides diagnostic tips.

Extraction #5 with Socket Bone Grafting - d-PTFE

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The author of this video presents extraction #5 with socket bone grafting using d-ptfe, full video. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Suturing Technique - Extraction #5 with Socket...

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The material presents extraction #5 with socket bone grafting using d-ptfe, suturing technique. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Membrane Application & Bone Fill - Extraction...

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In this video the author presents extraction #5 with socket bone grafting using d-ptfe, membrane application & bone fill. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Extraction, Palatal Pouch, Debridement - Extraction...

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In this video you can see extraction #5 with socket bone grafting using d-ptfe, extraction, palatal pouch, debridement. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Flap Reflection & Pouch - Extraction #5 with...

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This video shows extraction #5 with socket bone grafting using d-ptfe, flap reflection & pouch. The Reganato Lecture Series.

Value Of Microscopy In Oral Surgery

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Microscopy is very valuable in all dental disciplines. This video shows benefits of using microscopes in oral surgery.

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