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The Pulmonary Ligament

Akram Jaffar

Specialty:  Anatomy
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This video is intended to combine multiple choice questions' answering experience with an improved understanding of anatomy. Most of the questions are of the USMLE-type by being case-based or with clinical...

Lung Pleura - Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

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In this video, we're going to talk about the lung pleura. This is a clinical anatomy video.

Bilateral Pleural Effusion In Echography Examination

USG Videos

Specialty:  Radiology
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The following material presents a bilateral pleural effusion.

Atelectasis Or Pleural Effusion

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This video shows atelectasis or pleural effusion.

Pleura - Adhesion

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Can you separate visceral from parietal pleura in this section, even with a microscope? Can the terms adhesion and fibrosis, more or less, also be used interchangeably? Draw a line delineating the...

Left Pleura Rupture During Laparoscopy

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This video shows left pleura rupture during laparoscopy.

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