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Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy (Pheochromocytoma)...

CHIEN Nguyen Xuan

Specialty:  Urology
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Surgical video case: Female patient, 39 years old. 7 years ago, she sometimes had headaches in the back of the neck, and nervousness for 10 minutes,and then it went away. She did not go to the doctor...

Simultaneous Laparoscopic Right Adrenalectomy...

Luca Topazio

Specialty:  Urology
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Here we present the case of a simultaneus laparoscopic right adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma and right renal tumorectomy. CT, MRI and patient positioning are at the beginning of the video.  

Retroperitoneoscopic Excision of Rt Pheochromocytoma

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8 year old boy with drenching night sweats, hypertension, and elevated cortisols. He underwent retroperitoneoscopic excision of the tumor. This was presented in PESI meet at Visakhapatnam.

Laparoscopic Removal of Extra-adrenal Pheochromocytoma...

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5 cm catecholamine secreting tumor located in the retroperitoneum between vena cava and aorta

Laparoscopic Right Adrenalectomy For a 6 cm Pheochromocytoma

Wassim Chaabane

Specialty:  Urology
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This video shows a laparoscopic right adrenalectomy for a large pheochromocytoma. The large volume (6cm) and the neo-vascularisation around the tumor makes this case interesting.

Robotic Left Adrenalectomy for Pheochromocytoma...

Specialty:  General Surgery
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The video shows daVinci Xi robot resection of the left adrenal for pheochromocytoma.

Right Adrenal Pheochromocytoma

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37-years old female referred to General surgery for treatment of a large right adrenal tumor. Mass was detected 2 years ago through CT scan done for GI symptoms. Further follow-up was done until this...

Robotic Surgery For Large Pheochromocytoma

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This video shows robotic surgery for large pheochromocytoma. Pheochromocytoma is a relatively, rare, benign tumor of adrenal gland which releases unregulated levels of hormones (catecholamines) leading...

The Use Of Fluorescence In Robotic Adrenalectomy...

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A 54 yeras old female with pheochromocytoma- the use of fluorescence in robotic adrenalectomy. Presented by Luca Milone, MD PhD.

Bilateral Partial Adrenalectomy For Bilateral...

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Bilateral partial adrenalectomy for bilateral pheochromocytoma. Video by Nathan G Richards, MD, Frederick J Brody, MD.

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